Greeting and Policy Statement

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Greeting and Policy Statement

Time certainly flies, and over 40 years have elapsed since the undersigned was involved in export business of paper processing machines. Our current activities are based on the outstanding support and achievements of those who paved the way for the progress both in Japan and overseas, along with our business partners and customers over the past quarter century. Their effort and cooperation have been instrumental in our ability to continue to excel in the development, sales and after-sales service of machines that rank at the global cutting edge in the field.

The market is in a constant state of change, with major advances in machine technology also being forged year in and year out. Against this dynamic backdrop, it is no easy task to consistently introduce the right machines and systems to respond to the wide-ranging needs and situations existing on the marketplace. Indeed, a vast range of knowledge and long years of experience are critical for success in this industry. It goes without saying, furthermore, that customers also demand reliable responses, as uncompromising industry professionals, from the companies that serve them.

J-TEC, a corporate entity conceived with the needs of such customers foremost in mind, operates on the motto of firmly addressing the situations at each customer company, earning their satisfaction and helping to generate profits in an efficient and trustworthy manner. Toward that end, we collaborate with our business partners around the world to supply the optimum advice and assuming responsibilities from start to finish, assisting our customers in both defining and reaching their respective goals. These services extend to after-sales support following machine deliveries, technical advice and other expertise that we deliver with speed and precision on the hardware and software fronts alike.

This stance has resulted in strong support and patronage from a large number of customers, for which we are profoundly grateful. While we certainly realize that areas remain in which we must further expand and improve, we continue to work day and night to meet to the wishes and requirements of our customers to the greatest extent possible, in continuing to of valuable service and counsel.

I ask you for your understanding of this enduring corporate commitment from here on as well, as we work to make J-TEC a company even more devoted and attuned to the needs of its customer and the society at large.

Masato Shimizu

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